Football – also known as “soccer” and Cricket – known as the gentleman’s game – are two of the most popular sports in many countries across the world. Both sports have gained a massive following in places like India, Australia, the United Kingdom, etc. Although football has a more substantial global audience – and more money at stake – Cricket is catching up pretty fast.

In a country like India, for instance, the craze for Cricket is so palpable that over 400 million people watch any single game of Cricket at any given time. However, football is also gaining a massive following every day in the country, especially since the commencement of the professional Indian Super League.

This begs the question: which is a better sport, football or Cricket? This topic has been debated several forums across the world. The best way to determine which sport is better than the other is to take a look at their respective differences and leave the decision of which is best to the reader.

Year of Discovery

grayscale photo of cricket ball and bat on the ground - FOOTBALL vs CRICKET

It is believed that Cricket originated sometime in the 18th century somewhere in southeast England and became a global sport in the late 19th century. Football was also discovered in the 18th century in Britain and though some variants existed until it was worked on and became the current version.

Universal Appeal

uk oxford cricket british - FOOTBALL vs CRICKET

Football is played in more than 200 nations around the world, and this is where the sport has a significant advantage over Cricket. The latter is yet to reach that number; according to recent reports, only about 125 countries are known to play the gentleman’s game.

The Financial Aspect

county cricket wicket crease - FOOTBALL vs CRICKET

Both football and Cricket boast significant amounts of money, thanks to their enormous popularity which attracts great crowds, massive promotions and television ratings, etc. Both sports have also developed and encourage league culture which involves bringing in more local and fresher talent to assist more players financially.

Fan base

cricket cricket ground sport ground - FOOTBALL vs CRICKET

Since the number of nations that play the round leather game called football is much more than those that play Cricket due to its popularity, it is accurately assumed that the fan base will also be very significant. Cricket follows football in African, European, and Asian nations.

But then the fan base of Cricket in some countries outnumbers the fan base of soccer, especially in the Asian subcontinent.

World Cups and Tournaments

cricket field stadium sport  - FOOTBALL vs CRICKET

Football has less number of international competitions when compared to Cricket. The latter has recorded a significantly large number of international tournaments, with Ashes between England and Australia as well as India-Pakistan matches stand out in the Cricket universe.


cricket duration - FOOTBALL vs CRICKET

The game of football has a much shorter duration compared with its counterpart. The duration of a full soccer game is 90 minutes. Test Cricket, one of cricket’s biggest challenges, has been known to last up to five days.

However, a newer format of Cricket known as T20 has been introduced, and maybe it could become a momentous short format entertainment as time goes on.


Well, both sports have great significance in the lives of their respective followers, and this makes it difficult to decide which of these sport is better than the other. Both football and Cricket have produced some of the greatest players the world has seen today and will continue to inspire the young and the old around the world.

Despite the considerable differences between the two sports, one thing unites them: team spirit. It is not over until it is over.

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