Batsmen play a significant part in the victory of a cricket team. A good batsman is expected to be knowledgeable when it comes to the right technique to play the ball. Every batsman must practice a lot for several hours so that they can master the art.

Here are some tips to keep in mind on how to be a good batsman:

The Perfect Stance

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When you take a perfect stance, it boosts your confidence and augments your batting ability in the gentleman’s game. A good batsman’s feet must be shoulder-wide as this helps in improving your posture.

Your feet must also parallel to batting crease, but make sure that each foot is on either side on batting crease.

Your head should be set at the center of your feet. Then hold the bat less than half up to facilitate back lift. This stance helps you to balance your body weight on a crease and empowers you to score runs almost in every corner of the field.

Powerful Grip on the Bat

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If you want to be a good batsman, you need to learn the right method of gripping a bat in Cricket. With a perfect grip on your bat, you will be able to play different shots. Right-handed batsmen usually grasp the bat with their left hands on top of the handle while the right hand is positioned at the bottom and vice-versa for left-handed individuals.

Eyes on the Ball

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If you must score big runs, then you need a significant amount of concentration. A cricketer must always be focused in an ongoing game. Bowlers are usually very fast, and if you must play against a fast bowler, you need to be focused on the ball as it leaves the bowler’s hand.

So as a batsman, you must be able to react swiftly against the bowler. The best way is to learn how to play with the bowler’s mind. This will give you the innate ability to destroy whatever strategy a bowler has in mind during any game.


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Timing is a very crucial part of Cricket, and a batsman who can master the art of perfect timing in any game has the potential to become legendary in the future. It is vital for you to have perfect timing in shorts between fielders.

Everything is not about power; just because a batsman is muscular doesn’t necessarily imply that he can hit more sixes than an average-muscled man.

Know the Pitch

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A batsman that knows his onions must have adequate knowledge of the condition of any pitch. Therefore, long before the match starts, take a close look at the pitch and understand it thoroughly. Pitches with hard surfaces indicate that the ball will bounce, and that can be very dangerous for a batsman.

Grassy pitches indicate that there will be less bouncy ball situation. If you want to play long innings, then pitch knowledge is crucial.


These are the essential aspects you must concentrate on and master if you want to become a good batsman in Cricket. As they say, constant “practice makes a man perfect.” Consistent practice will get you underway to becoming an excellent batsman in Cricket.

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